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Improved Turning Algorithm for Allocating Resources in Cloud Computing

Osbert Carman, Alycia Quincey


Cloud computing is an interesting computing model because it can provide the demanded resources. Cloud computing has emerged as a new technology that has allocated high potentials in its companies and markets. Access to applications and relevant data from anywhere will be possible by the use of clouds. Companies can lease resources from the cloud for storage and other computational purposes so that their infrastructure costs can be drastically reduced. Therefore, there is no need to obtain a certificate for single products. Cloud computing offers an interesting solution for creating software and content access with a local transparency of basic infrastructure. Cloud infrastructure usually consists of multiple data centers, and consumers only have access to a portion of computing power across a scalable network. The provision of these computing resources is controlled by the provider and the resources are controlled in an elastic manner in accordance with the needs of consumers. However, one of the main disadvantages of cloud computing is related to optimizing resources that are being allocated. Meeting consumer needs and applicable requirements are other challenges of allocating resources. In this paper, the algorithm of source allocation of improved intermittent rotation is suggested to meet the consumer needs by reducing waiting time.

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