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Dialogue with the Text Skinner and Gadamer Hermeneutic Cross



The challenge of methods of proper understanding of thought, in general, and that of political thought, in particular, is a challenge that the thinkers of this field have been facing for the past several centuries. One of these methods is hermeneutics. But hermeneutics, as a method, has at times been criticized for not enjoying the necessary objectivism. The subjective approach and individualistic method latent in it have been challenged by some rival methods. It has attempted to attain a synthetic method in a revised form by employing a comparative philosophical method and using analytical tools and concepts of Skinner and Gadamer’s hermeneutics in reading the text. The teachings of Skinner and Gadamer have been used in a comparative form so that by transition from them to a synthetic method is attained for understanding thought. In this method, while using the technique of speech act used by Skinner’s hermeneutics, the role of audience in finding the final meaning through Gadamer’s method is considered. This synthetic method of reading the text is not free from influence of revised and constructionist methods. 

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