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british journal of social psychology

british journal of social psychology     ISSN: 2789-6609

Current Issue: Volume 8, Issue 2, 2022 Abbreviated Title: Brit. j. soc. psychol. (Mbabane)

Contexts and Consequences of Sexual Violence in women Homelessness



The purpose of this study was to deeply understand the Causes and consequences of sexual violence in homeless women. The method of the present study is qualitative and grounded theory and the data were collected using a semi-structured deep interview technique. 19 participants were selected through theoretical and purposeful sampling and information saturation criteria. After analyzing the information, the research findings, on the causal dimension of factors such as addiction and addictive behaviors, economic dependency, daily lifestyle, and spatial domains, on the contextual dimension, such as social exclusion, disruption of family relationships, urban disorganization neighborhoods and the escalating risk of being victimized, and finally, the interventionist dimension of the concepts of inability to pursue justice and the continuation of violence, lack of support and social policies, were extracted. The central theme or phenomenon of research is the inevitability of sexual violence in homeless women. The strategies of homeless women to deal with the current situation are adaptive and change-oriented. Along with the social work attitude, any intervention in the situation of the homeless requires a comprehensive and systematic look at the different dimensions of the problem, its needs, and its challenges.

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