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international journal of management review

international journal of management review     ISSN: 2789-665X

Current Issue: Volume 9, Issue 1, 2023 Abbreviated Title: Int. j. manag. rev.

The Typology of Implicit Adherence Theories Using the Conventional Content Analysis Approach

Vikenti Naumov, Vlad Petrov


Implied adherence theories are among the growing issues of organizational behavior known as the interface of domains of adherence and cognition. The aim of this paper was to explain and typify the views of followers about their different dimensions of their role, which is known as “implied theories of adherence of adherents.” To this end, targeted sampling method, we conducted using semi-structured interviews from 14 employees of large organizations from different industries in Mashhad to provide researchers with theoretical saturation in the interviews. The data were analyzed using “Common Content Analysis” and reliability was confirmed. Some 589 codes obtained in the content analysis were collectively identified in 17 categories of implicit theorems (categories), where 5 components showed positive attributes. Identified components were constructive perceptions of work, occupational competence, the leader's capable arm, moral virtues, and pioneers who provide a more comprehensive view of compliance.

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