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international journal of management review

international journal of management review     ISSN: 2789-665X

Current Issue: Volume 9, Issue 1, 2023 Abbreviated Title: Int. j. manag. rev.

Study of Internal Marketing System in the Service Area

Amir Dalili, Malikeh Beheshtifar


The source of internal marketing is service marketing and the employees of a service organization in area of internal marketing form the internal market within the organization. Internal marketing is a philosophy, focuses on customer satisfaction and organizational productivity by improving the works performed by employees in the environment, where they are working. Various factors can influence internal marketing, such as job security, empowerment and information sharing. In order to create a successful and effective marketing in the service sector, attention should be paid to continuous training and improvement of the employees, appropriate reward system and the organization's vision. Thus, internal marketing creates a customer-oriented and a service-oriented approach among employees, so it has positive impacts on the organization. As limited number of studies has been conducted on internal marketing in the area of services, this paper tries to review the goals, elements, components and effects of internal marketing.

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