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Principles of Social Justice in the Qur'an and Its Pattern

Hadi Kamal Ezzat


This research, which is carried out with the aim of discovering the Quran's views on these principles, is conducted in a descriptive and analytical way and based on valid interpretations, is the extraction of the eleven principle, which is the principle of primary equality, the principle of calculation of the consequences of the act and the principle of transparency, and the amount of awareness as principles The principle of self-assertiveness, the principle of proportionality, the principle of fitness of effort and reward, the principle of paying attention to the role and effect, the principle of the proportionality of the crime and the punishment and the principle of suspension of emotion as the principles of implementation and the principle of compensation as the main therapeutic and corrective, will work in all stages of achieving Social justice. Also, some of these principles, such as the principle of the suspension of emotion and equality, with respect to the other principles, in all phases, called "ground principles" and finally, a pattern with a good coverage on different subjects for calculation and fair action, is designed and delivered.

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