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Leveling the Factors Affecting Risk Management in Economic Small and ‎Medium Size Enterprises Using ISM Technique

Leila Fathi , Adel Azar


The purpose of this research is to identify and level the factors affecting risk management. It ‎can be said that this research is applied in terms of purpose. It is descriptive and a case study in ‎terms of its nature and method. The statistical population of this research is the experts familiar ‎with the field of finance, including professors and experts in the field of finance. The sample is ‎‎10 experts who were questioned in this research. The research experts first determined the ‎indices and then, by completing the ISM questionnaire, identified the relationship between the ‎factors. According to the model, the policy indices of government and the management policy ‎that were at the lowest level of the model were identified as the most influential indices, and ‎the company's financial status and corporate accounts that were at the highest level was ‎identified as the most influential index.

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