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Hybrid Simulated Annealing and Mixed Integer Linear Programming Algorithm for Optimal Planning of Radial Distribution Networks with Distributed Generation

Ji-Hu Mun , Joon-Ho Han , Seo-Jun Jo


The present study proposed a hybrid simulated annealing (SA) and mixed integer linear programming (MILP) approach for static expansion planning of radial distribution networks with distributed generators (DGs). The expansion planning problem was first modeled as MILP optimization problem to minimize investment cost, cost of losses, cost of customer interruptions due to failures at the branches and at DGs, and cost of lost DG production due to failures at branches. In order to reduce complexity of planning problems, the original problem was decomposed into several sequences of sub-problems (local networks) that are solved using the MILP model. The decomposition-solution process was iteratively guided and controlled by the proposed hybrid simulated annealing algorithm that employs proper intensification and diversification mechanism to obtain a solution with the minimum total cost

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