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Choosing the Right RFID System to Implement in the Supply Chain Based on TOPSIS and DANP

Paul S Leonardi


Globalization and increasing competition have caused the progress and development of organizations simultaneously with changes. Organizations concluded that to succeed in the market, not only to be agile and quick but also the suppliers and product distribution network should have coordination and flexibility. This idea led to the formation of the concepts of "supply chain management" in recent years the importance of tracking goods throughout the supply chain and the role of IT in the control of stock movement inside and outside the organization, as well as demanding help companies implement this technology, we identify and examine the selection criteria systems and choose the most suitable system for use in the supply chain process Welfare in Qom, the decision-making models, network analysis process by integrating DEMATEL and TOPSIS methods have been used to implement the model of the Super decision software is used.

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