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An Investigation to the Effect of Perceived Organizational Creative Climate ‎on Employee's Flexibility by People's Innovation at Guilan Water and ‎Wastewater Organization

Esmaeil Moayedi‎


Innovation and creativity are the most important dimension for organization that ‎gain competitive advantage and economy enhancement. Todays, most of firms ‎face to environment change, fast technology fluctuations, short time life time ‎production, and globalization. Technologic organizations need to innovation ‎and creativity for market growth. This article is an investigation to the effect of ‎perceived organizational creative climate on employee's flexibility by people's ‎innovation at Guilan water and wastewater organization. Project variables are: ‎perceived organizational creative climate, employee's flexibility, and people's ‎innovation. Statistical society is Guilan water and wastewater organization's ‎employees that samples is 211 persons. Results indicated that all of hypothesis ‎are accepted‎.

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