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A Study of the Effect of Learning Strategies on new Products Development about Moderating Role of Strategic Orientations and Cognitive Capabilities

Adrienne Eaton , Charles Heckscher


The main objective of this study is to examine the effect of learning strategies on the development of new products in Pharmaceutical Companies in Iran. Furthermore, the study examines the role of strategic orientation and cognitive capabilities in strengthening or weakening the relationship. The paradigm of the research is positivism, the approach is deductive and the strategy is surveying. Therefore, after reviewing the literature and designing a concept model, a questionnaire consisting of 23 questions were distributed to 131 company. At least two of the senior or middle managers responded to each question, and the average of their opinions was analyzed. The face and content validity of the questionnaire was verified according to experts, using standard questionnaires and relying on confirmatory factor analysis. As well as, reliability was approved by Cronbach's alpha test, composite reliability, and average variance. Then, the data were analyzed and tested using Smart PLS software through the correlation matrix, the structural equation model, and the fitness analysis. The results show that exploratory and exploitative learning strategies affect new product development. In addition, it was found that cognitive capabilities can adjust this relationship. Strategic orientations have a moderating role in the relationship between exploitative learning strategies and product development, but, their role in the relationship between exploratory and product development strategies is not significant.

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