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A Study of Meta-Discourse on Upper Intermediate EFL Learners’ ‎Incidental Vocabulary Learning with Regards to Teachers’ Feedback

Hosein Siahpoosh , Arya Farshood


This study was planned to investigate the productivity of meta-discourse via teachers’ ‎feedback on Iranian upper Intermediate EFL learners’ incidental vocabulary learning. For ‎this goal, 100 learners of English at Safir language institute took part in this study. Having ‎being homogenized by a Quick Placement Test (QPT), 40 learners were randomly selected ‎and were allocated into two groups of 30, control and experimental. Then both of them sat ‎for a pre-test, which was a test of vocabulary. Then both groups had treatments which was ‎different in control and experimental group. Finally, at the end of the course both groups got ‎the post test of vocabulary. In result of the study, meta – discourse was more useful and ‎successful. However, this study provides a significant contribution in curriculum innovation ‎and policy with respect to the learners’ incidental vocabulary learning‎.

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